Philanthropy and Philosophy, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Florida in February 2014. This web site went live in May 2014. Please view this site on a nice computer monitor with an updated browser. Read the reports. Spend a few hours here. I am promoting the most extraordinary charities in the world. They are doing God's work. Please help them out and let your friends and relatives know about this site. I am trying to change the world and can't do it without your support. I may add more FAQs in the second half of 2014. For the time being, please read the 44-page report that I wrote or at the very least what is on the center column of the Home page. Watch/Listen to the interviews on the Video page. A link to the 44-page report by Ronnie that was distributed worldwide is on the Home page (center column top in red letters). We now have profiles for 24 philanthropic causes and 24 philosophers here. The profiles are each a few pages in length.
What is Philanthropy and Philosophy and what causes are you fighting for and against?
The purpose of this organization and web site is to educate, raise awareness to social issues and encourage people to be more generous. In our first year of operation, Philanthropy and Philosophy, Inc. will be:

Fighting the tobacco industry - responsible for more than 5,000,000 deaths per year.

Seeking to place limits on executive compensation - the Yahoo COO was recently fired after 15 months and walked away with a compensation package estimated to be worth $109,000,000.

Blacklisting companies that are acting in a socially irresponsible, immoral and unethical manner via www.standpointresearch.com - that is the other company run and founded by Ronnie Moas. Apple, for example, sits on more than $150 billion in cash, yet pays its workers in Asia just $3 an hour for very difficult work. Dozens have already committed suicide there. We are calling for consumers to pull back on their support of Apple until reparations are paid and employee working conditions are improved.

I will also Blacklist companies such as Amazon who mistreat workers here in the US (and Europe). Their CEO, Jeff Bezos, sits on $27 billion while widespread stories circulate regarding the way his US (and European) warehouse employees are being mistreated and underpaid.

Redistribution of wealth and reducing the gap between rich and poor via higher taxes on the wealthy. No one working 40 hours a week should be below or near the poverty line.
How much do Americans give to charity annually?
In the United States we only give 2% of GDP to charity and that is just not good enough. We need to double or triple what we give. If we can do this we will be able to wipe out poverty here and abroad. Shockingly, the richest 100 people in the world now control as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the world population (3.5 billion people), and the top one percent (70,000,000) now control 65X more wealth ($110 trillion) than the bottom 50% ($1.7 trillion).
How do I know my money isn't being wasted?
In my other (highly regarded and highly ranked) business www.standpointresearch.com I have during the last ten years interacted with many wealthy individuals who paid me for my investment advice. Oftentimes, when I ask why they don't give back more to society via higher taxes and charity, and the reply is - How do I know my money is not being wasted? In my opinion, that is an excuse to hold on to what one has - to remain in a comfort zone, and disregard those who are struggling, underappreciated and undervalued in society. On this web site, I have listed profiles for 24 charities and philanthropic causes who few can dispute are honest, efficient and effective. Every one of these causes received high marks on at least three of the four ratings sites: Charity Navigator, GiveWell, Charity Watch andthe Better Business Bureau. So now there is one less excuse for not giving.
Why are the Facebook, Twitter and Linked In links on this Philanthropy & Philosophy web site taking me to Standpoint Research?
Ronnie Moas is the Founder of Standpoint Research, and the Founder of Philanthropy and Philosophy, Inc. He decided to connect the two. Ronnie wants to help people make money in the stock market - while avoiding unethical and immoral companies - so that they can improve their own financial situation and have more money to donate to charities and philanthropic causes recommended at this site.

In Ronnie's crusade, he is requested to appear on television as the Founder and Director of Research at Standpoint Research as opposed to appearing as the Founder of Philanthropy and Philosophy. When Ronnie appears on television, he usually discusses the causes he is fighting for and highlighted on this site. On the Videos page are links to recent television appearance Ronnie has made.

Ronnie also wants people to invest in a more socially conscious way, so he directs people coming here to Standpoint Research. Visitors who go to the Standpoint Research web site are also encouraged to visit this site.
Why should I boycott companies that are behaving unethically and immorally?
Shopping is more important than voting, as it is the clearest way that we express our actual moral choices. If we say we care about something (executive compensation, sweatshops, minimum wage, employee rights, cancer), but we continue to support companies (such as Apple, Philip Morris, Yahoo, Amazon) that are causing risk, harm or destruction, then we don't really care, do we? We are just being hypocrites.
How can I help?
There are many ways you can help be a more productive and contributing member of society and improve the condition than the world is in now. Pull back on your support of companies who do not treat their employees fairly. Support political candidates who are on the side of the middle and lower class. Do not invest with fund managers who hold tobacco stocks in their portfolio. Do invest with funds that look for socially responsible companies. Donate to one (or more) of the 24 charities/causes I have recommended. If you can send us a donation that would help cover the expenses tied to this crusade. Follow Standpoint Research on Facebook and Twitter, and if you are a sophisticated investor or institution, subscribe to that research service. www.standpointresearch.com and www.philanthropyandphilosophy.com are connected so when you follow Standpoint Research on social media you are in effect also following Philanthropy and Philosophy (not yet set up on social media).
What causes will you be adding to those highlighted in your 44-page report from February 2014?
In 2015 Ronnie intends to add Lobbyists (against), Food Supply Chain Labor (against), Pharmaceutical companies (against) and Water Stewardship and Sustainability (for) to the list of causes.