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I built this website in 2014. It has Not been updated since 2015. I will probably be updating it in late 2018 (or early 2019). I was extremely busy the last two years and I focused my philanthropic efforts exclusively on one large charity during that time (while neglecting this website of mine). I raised more than $430,000 for that charity during the last two years (through March 2018). I have recently decided to go back to my original plan -- instead of focusing all my attention on one charity, going forward, I will divide up my attention among the 24 charities highlighted on this website. Although the site has not been updated in three years, it is Not outdated. You can click on each of the 24 images that you see scrolling down the left side of the Home page, and open up a report for that respective charity. Please find a few causes that you like and SEND THEM YOUR DONATIONS DIRECTLY. When this website was built in 2014, I did place a donate button on this website for whoever wanted to help me cover the expenses; the time it took to build the site; update and maintain the site; and drive traffic to the site. I am NO longer requesting donations. My personal financial situation has improved significantly since then, therefore, I do not need any assistance with this project. Please just donate directly to whichever charities strike a nerve with you and share the link to this site whenever you can with whoever you can. All 24 charities were pre-screened on several criteria and received high grades from the charity monitor websites and watchdogs. I will try to update this website in the next 6-12 months. The main item that will change is that the financial statements for each charity highlighted in this report are ~four years old and I need to update those statements. I assume that the charity ratings agencies have not changed the ratings on all or most of these names.
Ronnie Moas is the Founder of Standpoint Research, and the Founder of Philanthropy and Philosophy, Inc. He decided to connect the two. Ronnie wants to help people make money in the stock market -- while avoiding unethical and immoral companies -- so that they can improve their own financial situation and have more money to donate to charities and philanthropic causes recommended at this site. Ronnie wants people to invest in a more socially conscious way, so he directs people coming here to Standpoint Research and vice versa.
In Ronnie's media appearances, he is oftentimes requested to appear on television as the Founder and Director of Research at Standpoint Research -- versus appearing as the Founder of Philanthropy and Philosophy. When Ronnie appears on television, he usually discusses the extraordinary causes he is fighting for and highlighted on this site. Below are links to recent television appearances Ronnie has made and to interviews he has given.
Ronnie does fund a large amount of the expenses at this organization with the profits generated by his highly-ranked investment advice business ( but is dependent on donations in order to cover some of the costs tied to running this organization. Please donate whatever you can afford. Even $10-$20 a month (using the recurring billing option) is a significant amount. If we get a few hundred people to do that, we can keep this going indefinitely. The goal is to get the counter on the bottom of the Home page in the millions. Ronnie has given more than 30 television, radio, newspaper and magazine interviews in the last year. The best way to follow him is by sending a friend request to

Ronnie Moas on CNBC 1/15/14

Ronnie Moas on Fox 1/17/14

Ronnie Moas on Bloomberg 1/17/14

Ronnie Moas at WSJ 1/16/14
The Ric Young Show -- Interview with Ronnie Moas (30 minutes)
Move by a top stock market advisor is causing shockwaves on Wall Street
Ronnie Moas is the Founder of Philanthropy and Philosophy, and Director of Research and Founder at Standpoint Research. The company currently advises and sells its research to pension funds, hedge funds, day-traders and asset management firms. Moas wrote a 44-page report blasting the labor practices of Apple, Amazon and the deadly impact of cigarettes produced by Philip Morris. Moas says he is fed up with the greed exhibited by Apple, which he says is sitting on 150 billion dollars and only pays its Chinese workers several dollars an hour. Host Ric Young talked with Moas in a three-part interview about why he believes it's time for Wall Street and corporate America to change its focus away from making trillions on the misery working people.
The Tim Danahey Show -- Interview with Ronnie Moas (50 minutes)
We vote at the ballot box and where we shop. Now consider voting where you invest. Ronnie Moas founded Standpoint Research and became one of the top investment advisors in the world. He created shockwaves and a global sensation when he advised his clients to divest themselves of Apple, Amazon, Philip Morris, and Yahoo for moral and ethical reasons. Listen to him explain how he believes the extremes of wealth and poverty are not sustainable and should not be allowed to continue. His conscience will not allow him to remain silent while billionaires are making their money off employees that are exploited, abused, and suffering. He has grown weary of extreme greed and the excesses of capitalism. It is now time to put the world's excess wealth to work helping the poor, starving, and disadvantaged. If we can invest, it is time we consider the ethical consequences of what our investments enable. Also, he walks the talk and created a global charity. It can be done successfully. Listen to Ronnie Moas and find out why we must do it now.
Ronnie Moas « Quelqu'un à Wall Street devait parler des conséquences du capitalisme »
(someone needs to speak out against extreme forms of capitalism)
Translation of the transcript of Ronnie Moas interview with Julien Cadot, Editor in Chief, RAGEMAG (France)
Since the publication of his 44-page report on ethics and morality in finance, Wall Street analyst, and Philanthropy & Philosophy Founder, Ronnie Moas received widespread attention in the world media. By blacklisting six major American companies, on ethical and moral grounds, Moas distanced himself from most in the financial services industry.
What is the activity of Standpoint Research, the firm that you created in 2004?
Standpoint Research is an independent research provider with no conflicts of interest.
We give stock recommendations mainly to hedge funds and mutual funds.
I also have some individual customers. Ideas are generated by a 155-variable computer model that I developed
(1998-2003) over a period of five years.
I run the model weekly and it generates ideas for me.
I then apply fundamental and subjective overlays before issuing an actual recommendation –
that goes out in the form of a 15-20 page report.
I don't just recommend a name because it scores well on my computer model.
During the last six years, I have issued more than 400 (audited) recommendations,
and there is no Wall Street firm that was as accurate --
69% of my recommendations beat the S&P-500 by at least 500 basis points (five percentage points).
CLICK HERE for the entire nine-page transcript/interview